Soup Roundup

In honor of the foggy, cooler weather, I thought I would share some inspiring soup recipes from around the internet.


Soup is such a wonderful comfort food. It can be incredibly nourishing, and always seems to fit the bill on a gloomy day. Another great  thing is that if you make a big batch over the weekend, you can put it in the fridge/freezer, and have something to go-to for lunch or dinner all week.


(my all-time favorite soup to date): Spiced Red Lentil, Tomato, and Kale Soup from Oh She Glows

Also great Oh She Glow’s recipe: Black Been, Sweat Potato and Red Quinoa Soup 

Cream Of Broccoli soup from Healthful Pursuit

Ginger, Carrot, and Coconut Soup from Deliciously Ella

Sprouted Red Lentil Miso Soup from Culinary Karma 

Have a beautiful weekend!


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