Meatless Monday

Hey there! now we get mondays off
There’s a big movement that’s been going on across the globe to promote giving up meat for at least one day a week. You may be familiar with the term Meatless Monday, but did you know it’s actually a movement?! The movement supports choosing plant-based options at the beginning of your week! By giving up meat on the first day of the week, you are starting off the week with intension, healthy choices, and by becoming something greater than yourself.

Let’s hone in for a minute on the benefits of this movement:
-Avoiding meats (even if just for one day a week) allows you more space to fill your body with vegetables
-Avoiding meat (and including lots of veggies!) also helps to lower risk of heart disease and cancer .
-Red and processed meats are also highly associated with type 2 diabetes.
-Avoiding (or limiting) meat consumption allows you to help shrink your carbon footprint, and lower fossil fuel demand.

If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of going Meatless on Monday check out this link to the Meatless Monday Campaign. If you are interested in learning about the movement, as specifically the college campuses already involved, check it out here!
If you’re feeling this movement and want to start eating more of a plant-based diet, here are some resources that can help! Sometimes changing diets can be intimidating because you may feel lost as to what to eat or how to make recipes. Have no fear, there’s a million resources out there! Also, if you are on campus, and looking to get together with people to talk and connect with check out Campus Rec Nutrition! We have potlucks, movie nights, lunch and learns, and so much more! You can even meet with our Nutrition Educator to find out healthful tips that are specific to your own needs!

pkm_southernstylelasagna_4Here are some of my favorite veggie-friendly blogs, which are loaded with great recipes and tips on how to eat plant happy meals!

Have a wonderful (plant-filled) day and keep an eye for the meatless options at SSU!


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