August 26th Newsletter

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Welcome Back to SSU Nutrition! August 26th, 2013

What are your goals for the semester?

A new semester means new classes, new faces, new information, new homes for many of us, and much more! What will you do with this semester? Less than 1% of the world has the privilege of receiving a college education. What do you want to do with your time in college? Is it that hike you’ve been dying to go on, that club meeting that you’ve been too shy to go to, the pool that you’ve been meaning to jump into, or that professor you’ve been wanting to make a connection with? Whatever it is, SSU Nutrition encourages you to lead a healthy lifestyle. We want to see you enjoying your time, life’s too short and too full of opportunities to not have fun! One step to living a healthy life may include setting healthy and attainable goals for yourself. Remember to always be kind and patient with yourself in the process!

We hope to see you at our potlucks and events. Remember to like us on Facebook, follow us onInstagram and Twitter, and check out our Blog!

Meet Our Nutritionist

You may be asking, “So, who’s in charge of this program anyway?” While many people are involved in the progress and the development of SSU Nutrition, we’d love for you to meet the incredible woman who leads us through it!

Who she is: Katelin Petersen

What she loves: Katelin is passionate about making healthy living easy, sustainable and delicious! Her other passions include yoga, meditation, dancing, live music and traveling.

What she believes: To support healthy eating at SSU, it’s essential to provide students with nutrition education and of course, access to good food!

What she does: She consults with students individually to meet their health and dietary goals, gives group classes and free potlucks to build community, and works with dining services to offer nutritious foods on campus. Katelin recently co-founded Sprout Wellness Center to enrich the lives of women and their families in the Bay Area through food and healthy living. She also provides cooking demos at TrueNorth Health Center and works with Dr. McDougall’s Health and Medical Center.

Credentials/qualifications: She holds a Masters in Nutrition from Bastyr University, a leading school in holistic medicine.

Need Inspiration? Check out these recipes!

Okay, so not all of us have a knack for creating taste-y combinations from scratch, and sometimes we run out of ideas…or time. But have no fear, SSU Nutrition is here to help! We’ve got some resources and recipes for you!

Sizzlin’ Stir-Fry: You can make endless meal variations by sautéing some veggies (carrots, bell peppers, mushrooms, onions etc.) with the herbs and spices of your choice. We definitely recommend including greens, like kale, broccoli, or cabbage. A great addition to boost the protein and substance of the dish are beans, tofu, or tempeh. This stir-fry goes perfectly over some brown rice, quinoa, or noodles.

Easy Breezy Brownies: This one is brought to you by Dr. McDougall!
Preparation Time: 5 minutes
Cooking Time:  25 minutes
Servings:  variable
1 box Dr. Oetker Organics Chocolate Cake Mix
1  15 ounce can pure pumpkin
Preheat oven to 325 degrees.
Pour the mix into a bowl, stir in the pumpkin until very well combined.  Pour into a 9 X 12 non-stick baking dish and bake until done, about 25 minutes (insert a toothpick into the center, if it comes out clean it is done).

If you’re running out of recipes or need some ideas on what to bring to our Potlucks, then check out some of these websites for some delicious and nutritious recipes:

Upcoming Events

Friday, August 30th
Nutrition Potluck
5-7pm, Rec Center’s Lotus Wellness Room

Stay tuned for more potlucks, discussions, movie nights, and other events this semester! 

Happy and healthy eating to you all, stay tuned for more! 


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